Ural 750 sidecar motorcycles, will be introduced into China in 2014. The general agent of the Ural motorcycles is: Yiqi Motorcycle Trade Co., Ltd.(Shanghai), Ural China for short. The group goal of Ural China is to build the dealers' network in China, and let the fans of Ural motorcycles can drive the best quality and classic sidecar as earlier as we can.
 No. 1118 Hami Rd., Changning District, Shanghai
 Distributors team network :
 Tel: 0086-21-3220-0318 / 0086-21-6242-8981
 Mobile phone: 1810-186-3761
 Email: ural-china@foxmail.com
 Ural global website: www.ural.com
Dealer recruitment:
Ural sidecar motorcycle dealer recruitment process:
  1. The applicant should contact with Ural-China first and submit the application form (click to download the application form)。
  2. The dealers should pass through the pre-trial of Ural China.
  3. To submit the business plan.
  4. Ural-China should pass the second on-the-spot investigation.
  5.To negotiate and sign the "authorized dealer agreement".
  6. To decorate the stores, import the sidecars after payment.
Existing distributors:
 Yiqi Motorcycle Trade Co., Ltd. Shanghai:
  No. 1118 Hami Rd., Changning District,Shanghai.
  TEL:86-21-3220-0318 / 86-21-6242-8981
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